Forward Lighting

Forward lighting is the headliner to your vehicle, so you want something that not only looks great but also delivers amazing results. AP Auto stocks an incredible range of LED Headlamps, LED Driving Lights, LED Ultra Slim, Regular and Curved Light Bars in double or single row, Light Bar Brackets and accessories to give you the ultimate choice for all your forward lighting needs. With the practically unbreakable polycarbonate lens as the first choice of lens material, up to 108 LED’S, multi voltage circuitry and low currency draws, AP Auto offers the ultimate protection and brilliant performance all in one. A special mention to our new Fresnel lens technology designed to deliver superior lighting performance for safe driving, the 48 LED 22 inch RGB & DRL Double Row Light Bar can be controlled effortlessly and conveniently from your smart phone giving you the choice of colour, speed, brightness and flash right at your fingertips.